Polish Political Party Proposes Re-privatization Roadmap for Warsaw

7 Sep , Main news, News

The issue of re-privatization stretches into infinity, and this pending issue should be resolved. During Monday’s press conference Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz, a Spokeswoman for the Nowoczesna (Modern) political party said:

“What is at stake is: respect for property rights, the fate of thousands of Polish families, the future of public institutions, and legacy. The main cause of the current controversy is that for years the subject was ignored.”

The Re-privatisation road map for Warsaw is based on the following assumptions:

  • The state must respect the property rights, both in relation to the owners and heirs.
  • Old grievances cannot be repaired with new grievances, affecting tenants or public institutions.
  • The main beneficiaries of the re-privatisation should be heirs, not traders. However, to avoid allegations of unconstitutionality, all who have legitimate title to property should receive compensation.
  • The process of re-privatization should include all, regardless of nationality, unless of course such claims were satisfied previously on the basis of international agreements.
  • The establishment of the property restitution fund, which will deal with the issue of the claims satisfaction, should be fully transparent.
  • It is critical to include, while working out the solution for Warsaw re-privatization, Germany, Israel and the United States. Germany, because of its responsibility in the Second World War, and its own experience in Holocaust restitution; the US and Israel because of the scale of the claims of their citizens.
  • Within a 2-3 year period, a fund for Holocaust restitution/compensation will be created and thereafter, a percentage range, a form and a scale of compensation would be determined.
  • A working group shall be established as soon as possible, and then a parliamentary group shall be created with representatives of different political parties, as well as experts, representatives of heirs, local governments, residents and urban movements in order to find the best solution for re-privatization.
  • Involvement of all political forces in the development of solutions, especially the ruling party is critical, since without the involvement of Prawo I Sprawedliwost (Law and Order) the problem will not be resolved.
  • Supplement to Income and Assets Declaration of officials and politicians, authorized to make decisions on reprivatisation of property.
  • The current situation shows what happens when the state cannot present a clear position. Nowoczesna political party proposes a road map for reprivatization, not a detailed solution. We want to clarify this and speak on the basis of dialogue.


Paul Rabiej, member of the board of Nowoczesna said: “Future solutions must first and foremost be based on dialogue. We should focus on the future; we need to work out a solution that would facilitate the closure of the issue.” The key is to focus on the future and the cooperation of all political forces. It is necessary to make it a comprehensive solution. It would be wise and sensible if we gathered all claims, estimated them, and on the basis of clear algorithms decided what is possible. It will be a tough call, but it is necessary for all who arrive with their claims.

More here:  https://nowoczesna.org/nowoczesna-mapa-drogowa-reprywatyzacji/