Lisa Miková

January 1942 transport to Terezin together with her family, September 1943 her parents were taken to Auschwitz, they died 8th March 1944, 28th September her husband was taken to Auschwitz, she followed in October. From October 1944 to April 1945 women’s camp in Freiberg, forced labor, April 1945 until liberation Mauthausen.

More than 40 members of her and her husband’s families did not survive.

We never thought that what was happening to the Jewish people in Germany and Austria would threaten us. As late as in summer 1938 I went with my parents for a holiday in Switzerland. In the hotel we met Sigmund Freud’s brother and his wife. They congratulated us on our emigration. mikova They could not believe it when my mother told them, that we were just on a holiday. When the Freuds left they said: “Would that you will never regret returning.”

On our way back more and more news was coming in. Prague had already been mobilized. My father started to prepare for us to leave. First of all he sent me to stay with relatives in Zagreb, from where I was to proceed to England. My parents wanted to follow at Christmas. A month later I decided to return to Prague. My homesickness had been too strong. Upset and disappointed my father welcomed me: “Now you’ve spoiled everything.” Another attempt was not successful. No county wanted to take us. I have blamed myself very often – most of all after the war, when my parents had not returned.

In all the dark times, there were also bright moments. In Terezin I met the love of my life. We got married there under very modest circumstances. But we were happy.

I worked for my husband in the technical office together with famous painters from the ghetto. Later I did farm work and then voluntarily followed my husband to Auschwitz. He had been deceived during some illegal campaign. We met again in Prague in May 1945 and we lived happily together for 50 years.

Bookseller, born January 31, 1922 in Prague, widow, 1 son.

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