Gerta Borová

Her father, and three months later her mother and brother were deported to Terezin, September 1942 transferred to Riga, they did not survive. From December 1942 until the end of the war she was in Terezin.

Two cousins are the only survivors in her family.

My mother suffered with all the anti-Semitism and contemplated suicide. She had an awful experience. When the Germans came to Prague, that was 15th March 1939, she saw our Jewish landlord jump out of the window. She intended to do something similar and wanted us to do it together. gerta-borova But my brother and I were still very young and did not want to die. Although our father was an optimist – we were quite similar in that respect – he could not take the impact, and so, unfortunately, they divorced.

It was absurd, but I was looking forward to going to Terezin. My only wish was to reunite with my family. But my expectations were to be disappointed. I received a message that they were being transported to Riga. A piece of paper with message was found that my mother hat thrown out of the train in Ostrava. Because of my work for the electricity company my husband and I were safe from further transportation. This situation changed in the fall of 1944. Because they were thought to start a rebellion, all the young men had to leave. My husband died in December 1944 in Dachau. Thus I was to remain in the ghetto on my own. I felt particularly sorry for the old people. Whenever I had time, I would visit them and sing songs to them, anything I knew and remembered.

At home I used to have a piano that I liked very much. My brother and I played together enthusiastically. When all the Jewish people were ordered to submit their musical instruments, my boss took my piano, and I was to have it back after the war.

In 1946 I remarried. Again, my husband had to be Jewish. Someone else would not have been able to comprehend the experiences I had gone through. Our two children were all our happiness. We did not have anyone else.

Public employee, born May 9, 1921 in Sokolov, remarried after the war, 2 children,she died in december 1999.

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