Drumming for Bubny 2016

11-26 Oct , Main news, Upcoming Events

11 Oct:  An exhibition of selected photographs by well-known photographers, all on subjects related to Prague-Bubny station.

16 Oct:  The event is an opportunity to come together to express the need for civic and moral activism on the 75th anniversary of the first Jewish transport to depart from Prague-Bubny train station.

18 Oct:  An important source of inspiration for the future educational programs organized by the Bubny Memorial of Silence is professor Philip Zimbardo’s “Heroic Imagination” project, which works with examples of people who engaged in surprising heroic deeds under extreme circumstances. The project’s goal is to inspire and prepare “ordinary” people to act as “heroes in reserve.”

24 – 26 Oct:  A theater performance at the site of wartime deportations.

More here:  www.bubny.org/en/