Basic documents and information

In this section, basic documents accompanying the Terezin Declaration process that was initiated by the Holocaust Era Assets Conference (HEAC) in 2009, and the creation of the European Shoah Legacy Institute an year later, are available. Here you can find valuable sources of information, including the Experts Conclusion upon which the Terezin Declaration was created and the HEAC Proceedings in full. Also included in this section are the Joint Declaration between the Czech Republic and the European Commission that could potentially be utilised for further cooperation with relevant EU bodies. Finally, a summary of ESLI's activities and Annual Reports from 2010 to 2017 are archived here. In its entirety, this section presents a general overview of  the Terezin Declaration process and the European Shoah Legacy Institute that grew from it.

The European Shoah Legacy Institute (ESLI) was created in 2009 following the conclusion of the Holocaust Era Assets Conference in the Czech Republic and the signing of the Terezin Declaration by forty-seven participating countries, including all European Union member states. Cooperating with governments, non-governmental organizations, and independent experts, ESLI sought international solutions to the problems of the restitution of immovable property, art, Judaica, and Jewish cultural assets stolen by the Nazis; the provision of adequate social welfare support for Holocaust survivors and other victims of Nazism; and the promotion of Holocaust education, research, and remembrance.

ESLI organised numerous international events on social welfare for victims of Nazi persecution, restitution of immovable and movable property and provenance research, five of which were hosted by the European Parliament - a very important body for tackling post-Holocaust issues. Moreover, ESLI commissioned a number of studies, including two extensive databases mapping the current availability of social welfare services provided by states to victims of Nazism and the restitution of immovable property across all 47 Terezin Declaration countries. The European Shoah Legacy Institute firmly believes that the aforementioned activities can be expanded upon and continued by individuals and organisations dedicated to continuing this important mission.